• Professional Window Cleaning

    Using traditional methods (squeegee & scrubber) our team can clean any and all windows, commercial and residential.


    We use the latest equipment from companies like Unger, Ettore, Sorbo, Pulex and Triumph.


    Our technique and soap insures that glass is thoroughly cleaned and seals/frames are protected.

  • Pure Water

    Pure Water is fast becoming the industry standard for window cleaning.  Water is purified to below 10ppm and then de-ionized to 0ppm. Such highly purified water is scrubbed onto the window with a water-fed brush, loosening dirt and is then rinsed off leaving behind a clean window, frame and ledge.


    At Squeak we have designed our own Pure Water system that is highly efficient and effective. Our Pure Water system is also available for solar panel, outdoor signage and siding cleaning.

  • Construction Clean

    An improper construction clean continues to be the greatest hazard to windows in the industry. Poor technique, inadequate / cheap tools and a lack of knowledge results in damaged or scratched glass.


    At Squeak we have over a decade of experience in proper construction cleaning. We use the highest end tools to their proper degree to ensure your newly constructed windows look their best.

  • WSIB

    Squeak is fully compliant with all WSIB requirements and certifications


    The entire Squeak team is trained with safety as a first priority


    Squeak is fully insured to protect those we work for and those who work for us


    We service commercial & residential customers in SW Ontario with routes around Sarnia, Strathroy, Grand Bend, London, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph & the GTA

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